Klentaq Products

  • Klentaq1 is a Klenow-fragment analog of Taq DNA polymerase. It is the most thermostable form of Taq known, it has no exonuclease or endonuclease whatever, and its crystal structure is known.
  • LA (Long Accurate) versions of the enzymes are mixtures of Klentaq1 and a proofreading enzyme.
  • Described by U.S. Patent 5,436,149
  • Orders for wild-type Klentaq1 and KlentaqLA are usually sourced (and invoiced) from
    the inventor Dr. Barnes' university lab unless ordered along with company-specific mutants.
ProductQuantityCat #Price
Klentaq1100 ul (2,000 X 25 ul rxns up to 1 kb)100$225.00
Klentaq LA100 ul (2,000 X 25 ul rxns up to 1 kb)110$250.00
Cesium Klentaq AC25 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)240$190.00
Cesium Klentaq AC LA25 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)250$214.00
Cesium Klentaq C25 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)280$190.00
Cesium Klentaq C LA25 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)290$214.00
Omni Klentaq (aka Omniklentaq)125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)340$240.00
Omni Klentaq LA (aka Omniklentaq-LA)125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)350$270.00
Rapid Klentaq LA25 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)450$174.00
Enzyme Combovariable500$280.00
Enzyme Combo LAvariable510$280.00
Omni Klentaq 2 (aka Omniklentaq-2)125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)342$300.00